Renting an Apartment in Abroad

Many young people are dreaming about moving abroad and building a life there. After having the reason to live in a particular foreign country such as enrolling a college or finding a job, you have to find an apartment or a room to live cause you are going to live in that particular city. I would like to recommend how to find a place to live in abroad to you.

Firstly, determining the budget is the most basic step but it is crucial. It will help you to limit your options. Then, you should decide if you want to live alone or live in a shared apartment with other people. You will sign a contract and if you are not okay with a roommate or roommates, moving out early may cause you to lose your deposit because of the legal obligations. Believe me, you don’t want to lose your deposit.

Next step will be choosing a location. I would recommend you to rent somewhere in downtown or near downtown. It is better for a newcomer to explore the city besides it’s more accessible by transportation.

Here is one more tip for you. You are moving to abroad so you will not have any furniture. It is better to find a furnished apartment rather than an empty one. It will be more convenient and cheap.

After all these decisions, you are all set to find an apartment. I would definitely recommend using Facebook. Facebook has an awesome market tool and it is widely used for finding an apartment or a room. You can find many posts over there and you can reach out to people easily. However, it may have some drawbacks. People can stalk your Facebook profile and when they see where you are actually coming the may ignore your message about your interest in their posts.

 There are many agencies or small companies which are providing housing services for foreigners. Their websites look like a standard real estate website. You can use filters to indicate your preferences such as 1 bedroom apartment or 3  rooms and etc. You can select an available room or apartment then you just need to contact them. In most of the case, you are going to contact them while you were still in your home country so I think email is the best channel to contact them. Those companies are pretty professional and probably they are going to send a contract to you to sign and sent it back. They may ask the deposit too. I think it is better to do some research on the company. I mean if it is reliable or not. I have rented my first room through an agency like that. I had a place to stay when I arrived there. The apartment was fully furnished I didn’t have to buy anything. Everywhere was clean I didn’t have to clean anywhere but I did. There is always another option: finding your place after arrived there. It may be challenging but it depends on your preferences.

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Written by Elif Koçaslan


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