10 tips to turbo charge PR with SEO

Edelman TRUST BAROMETER™ (a brilliant, global “flashlight” revealing trust levels in different institutions, that I also happened to be a part of, back in my days at Edelman) unveils that 64% of general population trusts search engines as a source of general news and information. 64% PEOPLE…

Given this stat, I guess you wouldn’t be surprised that, as a loyal member of the PR and News Kingdom, I am passionate- OBSESSED is the word people around me rather use– about Google and Google search datasets. (want to read and dive deeper: Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz)

I am honestly amazed about how little attention has been given to so far +how little of these datasets has been put to good use by PR professionals. WHICH brings me to my actual point:


Design: SEO (search engine optimization) is often seen as a useful tool to turbo charge websites’ performances.

Actual user experience: I skipped the traditional use and decided to take this “fancy, digital” tool that my marketing colleagues so eagerly claim and create some added value for myself, for PR. If you are still unclear about my motives; Remember survival of the fittest for a PR personin this digital world. 

I created a program that delivers effective results in terms of managing online corporate reputation, optimizing communication efforts and budgets, harnessing consumer insights through online behaviours.

Here are 10 tips to turbo charge PR w SEO:

1.      360 degree reputation: Make sure you monitor search engines alongside with traditional, online and social media to ensure more meaningful online reputation management.

2.      Web 101: Understand the basics of how the web works and SEO.

3.      Do damage control: Make an audit of your digital properties re which ones are search engine optimized/which ones need to be optimized and take action.

4.      Google it: Audit regularly what is being searched on your company, leaders, brands, products and always have a close eye on what come up as results. There might be incorrect and/or outdated information that you might need to take action against.

5.      Wiki wiki wiki: Be mindful of Wikipages associated to your company, they are usually among the first results that come up.

6.      Generate your own story: Sit with your PR and marketing colleagues and identify keywords and queries that are relevant to your company and line of business and monitor how and what people search about them.

7.      Talk, talk, talk: Create content and index it in a SEO friendly way on your digital platforms, aka talk about what you want to be known for in a way people want to hear about.

8.      Less is more: Benefit from analytics and SEO to optimize your target media lists and make more efforts to be spot-on in terms of your outreach.

9.      Make your added value more tangible: Search for ways to use SEO and analytics to enrich your PR reports. Food for though: If Google searches on your company increase during/ after your spokesperson gives a broadcast interview, that traffic can sit within your PR results.

10.  SEO+PR=Success: Have your PR and SEO teams play nicely together and get more effective results.

Any questions or comments, I am around to chat further on this!

Disclaimer: As a responsible PR professional, of course I have to emphasize that everything you see and read on my page- including this article- is a reflection of my own thinking bubble and doesn’t represent in any way the opinions or positioning of my employer.

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Written by Elif Güvençer


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