Interviewing with Sean Yu – Cofounder & CEO – Paraşüt

  • What qualities a successful Leader, should have, according to you?

There are many different types of leaders, and different circumstances call for different types of leadership. If I had to name one quality, I would say awareness.

A leader should be aware of himself and aware of his environment. He should be aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He should be aware not just through introspection, which will be biased by his own judgments, but also by asking for feedback from those he leads. He should be aware of his team, their strengths and weaknesses and ways of relation, so he can build the most complementary team and communicate more effective with them. Awareness leads to good judgment, wise decisions, effective actions, and continual personal growth.

  • Why are companies struggling to innovate effectively?

Most companies probably fail in the execution of innovation. Innovative ideas are not hard to come by. But carrying out the execution is extremely hard.

Innovation first needs to be tested against the market. In startup methodology, a minimal viable product would be developed to test market acceptance. If there are signs of traction, the product will be developed further and further. If there are no signs of traction, a new hypothesis needs to be formed, another minimal viable product built to be tested.

Many companies fail in this test, learn, repeat process. They misunderstand market response as false positives or false negatives. They fail to chase a good innovation, or invest poorly into bad innovations.

Innovation is by nature disruptive. In large corporations, innovation may mean disruption to existing business lines. Innovation may require a completely new culture to emerge in the corporation. Due to momentum and politics, large organizations often fail to nurture innovation enough to bring it to market.

  • What is unique about your business?

The most unique thing about our business is the culture we are trying to build. The main bullet points of our culture are:

  • Passion & curiosity
  • Strive to be exceptional
  • Freedom & responsibility
  • Share as much as you can
  • Just make impact
  • Live meaningfully

Our culture allows us to move fast, take risks and continually improve. It creates a working environment that attracts talented people and allows them to thrive.

  • What are the Tips For Building an success company?

Build a good culture that allows for fast experimentation and learning, and for responsibilities and ownership. Recruit talented people into that culture. Focus on product-market fit and then on product-channel fit, and try to find those as fast as possible before investing too much. Focus on solving the big problems.

  • To what do you attribute your success?

I’ve always loved learning. Learning allows me to stay relevant, and to improve and reinvent myself.

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Figure out what the good life is for you. What do you want out of life? What do you care about in life? What are you good at in life? Figure out what kind of life you want to lead that would be meaningful for you. Once you figure this out, then you can plan out the steps to make this good life happen. You will enjoy your journey to the good life. The rest are just details.

What do you think?

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